What are the Ways to Encourage Employee Engagement?


Having employees work hard for the organisation employing them is not an easy endeavour. Employees need certain incentives in order to do their best at work and produce extra value for their employers. Paying them higher wages is not the single incentive; employee engagement is known to produce better results and improve companies overall.

One of the methods employed by smart organisation is to give employees a sense of ownership. Employees who are also stakeholders at the company they are working for are more likely to feel involved directly – and responsible – for the well being and financial success of the organisation.

Employee Engagement

Rewarding those with the right attitude is, as well, a method to attract the right type of employees. While experience and expertise are important, when hiring new employees, the most enthusiastic and willing to work hard may often be a better choice, especially if the company has efficient training programs for newcomers.

Involving employees in the decision making process is another method of employee engagement with great results. Promoting a flatter model of hierarchy gives employees a sense of empowerment and offers them the opportunity to become directly involved with the decision making process. This model works for improving performance and communication inside the company.

Let the employees have their voices heard. Constructive feedback represents an important incentive that motivates employees to work harder and get more involved with the company’s activities. Not all incentives have to carry a material value. Offering your employees the opportunity to speak up will provide them a sense of pride and accomplishment that cannot be achieved through means of higher pay or other monetary incentives.

Companies promoting integrity and respect as their most important values create the best environment for employee engagement and they often have very low levels of employee turnover, as employees feel motivated to work for them for more than just financial benefits.

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