The Love of Reading Starts When Young


Children sitting around reading used to be a common sight. It still happens, but there is increasing competition from video games and the Internet. Anything that sparks imagination is a valuable part of a child’s upbringing, and hopefully reading will continue to play an important role. There is no such thing as a bad children’s book. Anything that gets youngsters reading will improve their spelling and grammar, their knowledge and their communication skills far more than any spelling tests.


The library

Every town has a library, but the growth of modern technology and the Internet has reduced public use of the facilities. The danger comes if it is followed by people being less inclined to see the pleasures of reading. While books can now be read online, there is something different about actually holding a book in your hands, turning the pages and inserting a bookmark when you finally put it down.

You can certainly find everything you want on the Internet by using the popular search engines. If you are intent on building up a library of books, then you can certainly find online retailers that can help you out. You merely need to ask the search engines for a list of companies, and it will be provided.

You can find books in any language. You can find any non-fictional topic or even fiction from both popular and not-so-well-known authors.

Collect your own

Many people have collected books over a period of time, and a nice bookcase with books on the shelves creates a nice focal point for a room. The statistics on reading are confusing. On the one hand, some online bookstores talk of good sales volume. On the other hand, the doom and gloom merchants point to the fact that youngsters seem to be turning away from books.

Hopefully this won’t be the case for long, because there are Internet companies that can deliver a book to your door without any real effort on your part. There are times when a paperback is a far more practical thing to have in your hands than a piece of modern technology. These devices are most convenient, but everything has its place. If you are sitting in the sun, the print of a book is far better than a screen.

Knowledge and imagination

Knowledge has been passed down through generations because of books, and it would be a shame, indeed, if the Internet was to take over that role completely. Reading helps develop imagination. The growth of industry in Southeast Asia was based on the ability to copy and learn from past mistakes. It was rarely a matter of imagination. If that skill is lost, it will be a dull world; will there be anything worth copying?

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