Student Expectations From An O Level Chemistry Tutor


Many students want to learn chemistry the easiest way possible. Having an O level chemistry tutor is one of the solutions. Many students feel comfortable that they will learn a lot from their chemistry tutor. Having knowledge about chemistry and the ability to teach it is a great skill. Many students expect to learn and understand all there is in chemistry. Teaching chemistry to your students has its own techniques that you should put in mind. You have to be an effective chemistry tutor. At the end of the day, your goal is to have your students learn and understand chemistry well. Here are some of the things students expect from their chemistry tutor:

The Chemistry Tutor Should Be An Expert In This Field

All chemistry tuition centers make sure that the tutors they hire are experts in chemistry. They make sure that the teacher has all the necessary education and seminars needed. Chemistry tutors should have the necessary experience in teaching chemistry as well. Experience in teaching chemistry is an advantage because you will be able to understand different students and what they specifically need to learn better. Each student has different learning levels that you would have to attend to. Knowledge about chemistry and experience in teaching are the two most important things that a tutor must have.

The Chemistry Tutor Knows How To Explain In Different Ways

Chemistry tutors should have the talent of explain chemistry in many ways. Explaining the topic in different ways will allow you to find which one works best for your student. Knowing the answer to the exam is not the whole point why students enroll in tuition.  The reason why your students enroll is for them to understand and learn about chemistry. Explaining chemistry in many ways will allow the student to understand and enjoy the subject. Avoid for your students to get bored by explaining chemistry in a interesting ways. Capture their interest for them to be able to understand you faster. Bored students are slow learners.

The Chemistry Tutors Should Know What Topics Should Be Focused On

There are chemistry topics that are easy and there are some that are difficult. There are topics that need thorough explanation. You should know what topics your student understands easily and what topics are difficult for them. Spend less time explaining topics that you think your student understand well. Topics that give your student a hard time would then need to be taught carefully. Do not move on to the next topic unless your student has already understood the topic well. Motivate them to ask you questions. When they ask questions, you will know if they understand the topic or not. If they say they understand the topic, then you have to ask them questions to assess their understanding.

The Chemistry Tutor Should Be Supportive And Patient

As a tutor, you should understand your students’ needs. Evaluate their learning pace since you have to teach them according to their capability. You should show your support to them. Motivate them in a way that they will like chemistry. Students who lose interest in the subject will not be able to learn from you. Be patient with your students’ capabilities. As an effective tutor, you should be able to distinguish which techniques work for each student.


The Chemistry Tutor Should Be Fun

All students like tutors that are fun. You have to make the learning experience of your students fun. Avoid getting them bored during your classes. You should find a way that your student will interact with you all the time. Don’t just make them listen to you for the entire class. If your students are happy with your teaching, they will be able to learn a lot from you and they will always be excited to take your class.

The Chemistry Teacher Should Give Helpful Feedback

Do not discourage your students by giving them bad feedback about their learning abilities. Give them encouraging and helpful feedback. It would be helpful for them if you give them feedback that will improve their ability. Make sure that they will use your feedback as a motivation. A great O level chemistry tutor should make use of words that will encourage them to study harder.

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