Job as an animator is rewarding as well as satisfying career option


Animation has gained much popularity in India as a method of storytelling. It is possible to visualize anything through animation and multimedia that is not possible through normal filming. Many mythological stories depicted through animation such as Mahabharata and Ramayana have been liked by the children very much.

Animation has made its place in modern filming and television. That is not all; there are other areas where the application of animation is accepted broadly such as an advertisement and web designing. Another big area scope for animation is video games. The visual effects and designing of characters are only possible through the use of VFX and animation.

If you desire to make a happening career in the field of animation and multimedia, you must acquire a degree of BA in VFX and animation. Once you have the degree in animation, you will have a better understanding of varied facets that are necessary for being a better designer.

The various qualities that are essential for becoming a designer are:

Basic knowledge of Computer Operation- A designer has to do all his work on computers; hence, he should have a basic knowledge of basic operations that are carried on computers.

Creativity– A designer should be able to create new ideas and concept for any project to satisfy the needs of the clients.

Visualisation– A good designer should be able to visualize the concept that is conveyed by the client.

• Humble- He should be able to handle praise and should be ready to accept criticism from his team and the client.

Proper communication– A designer should be able to communicate with clients and his team in a good manner so that he could convey his ideas to them in a better way.

Recognition of colours and textures– The determination of different colour combinations is very necessary in order to create better looking graphics and designs for the clients.

Calm at work– While solving a problem at work, a designer should keep his mind cool and be composed.

While doing the course of VFX and animation, two forms of animation will be introduced. These forms are 2D and 3D animation. The dissimilarity between the two is that the 2D animation is performed only in two dimensions and has no depth. The 2D animation pictures appear to be flat in nature while the 3D animation is done in all the three dimensions. These images have a certain level of depth, which give them more realistic appearance.

For individuals with a degree in Animation and VFX have many options for career opportunities. Some of them are digital film animation, digital sound recordist, a webpage designer. The job of an animator is rewarding as well exciting for individuals that are very much creative. This gives them a sense of complete job satisfaction.

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