How to Teach Your Child to Select Good Books for Himself


Reading is going to be the basic skill that your child needs to succeed in school; it’s also the key to a successful and productive career.  You can help him get off to a good start by encouraging him to read from an early age.

Actually, his love for reading will begin with you reading to him each night before he goes to bed. He’ll love the sound of the words as well as the stories about his favorite characters.

As he gets older, you should teach him to be able to pick books that he can easily read himself so that he’ll become an independent reader who enjoys reading books that he’s chosen all by himself.

Let’s look at some tips to share with your child that will help him correctly select his own reading material.

Teach Your Child

  1. Teach your child to use his five fingers as a guideline for his book selection.  He should first pick a book that he thinks that he’ll like.  Have him read page two which places him beyond the simple introduction.  Next, he should hold up one finger for each word that he doesn’t know.  You can teach him that if all five fingers are standing proudly, this book is a little beyond his level and that he should make another choice.
  2. If the book passes this test, ask him if he understands what he’s reading.  If he knows most of the words and can read it smoothly he probably has a good grasp for comprehension.  You can ask him to read some of it aloud to you so that you can ascertain if he is smoothly reading the words and seemingly understanding them adequately for the book to have value to him.
  3. Is your child really interested in the topic?  Too many classrooms require students to read books that are not of any interest to them; this is where his leisure reading can take over and occupy his developing thought processes.  You’ll be teaching him that reading for fun is something that you enjoy and that he can do throughout his life.
  4. If the book is too difficult for your child, make some suggestions based on what you have observed about his skill set that will appeal to him.  Let him know that the more he reads the more his skills will improve and the better he will become.  The key is to keep encouraging him to read for fun and pleasure.

Finding books from which your child can choose is an excellent way to teach him decision-making skills along with his reading abilities.  You can locate a book by using the to find a list of age-appropriate books that are recommended for your child.  This will also provide you with information where you can find the books that your child enjoys at affordable prices.

Helping your child to begin to make his selections at home from the books that you have on a shelf for him is teaching him to be a successful independent reader.

Mary Linda

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