How National Institute Of Fashion Technology Has Emerged And Recognized?


National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) was established in the year 1986 under Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The Institute deals with the Design, Technology and Management of fashion business internationally.

In the year 2006, NIFT began to offer degrees and various academic programs to students. Being headquartered at New Delhi, it has centers almost all over India like Kolkata, Kangra, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gandhinagar, Shillong, Rae Bareli, Patna, Mumbai, Kannur, Jodhpur and Bhubaneswar. NIFT provides four years Bachelor degree and two years of Masters in Technology, Design and Management of Fashion Textiles. Recently, Ministry of Textiles had announced NIFT campus at Punjab, and proposed a new center at Kashmir, which will be initiated soon.

Since the establishment of NIFT Institute in Delhi as headquarter, it has recognized as India’s leading institutes for fashion Design, Technology and Management. As a result, it has the possibilities to get placed globally in fashion business.

NIFT offers two specializations: one is Bachelor in Fashion Technology and the other is Master of Fashion Management at postgraduate level.

NIFT in India manages almost 15 centers professionally and offers equal platform for professionally and creatively skilled students. This has enabled them to set the benchmarks and set academic standards in India’s fashion industry.

NIFT conducts the “Situation Test” for candidates, who are seeking admission for Bachelor of Design program. This test is held at different NIFT centers across India. Based on the obtained score, students are called for final and qualifying round. In this situation test round, candidates are asked to design three dimensional models on the given materials such as candles, color papers, ice cream sticks etc. The duration is 3 hours to create the model of an object.

Fashion Technology

An advanced development of NIFT

In addition to its mission, NIFT has integrated Optitex 2D and 3D software in Knitwear design department, which is an advanced development. This allows live simulation so that students can visualize the product design in real time. When it comes to fashion and technology, 3D visualization is the critical as it offers a better garment that assist students to learn advanced techniques and tools.

A Significant benefit to student’s career

As a center for fashion technology, NIFT wanted to enhance the technology by integrating the best software that also uplifts the student’s career placements opportunities. Therefore, it has adopted Optitex and increased the productivity as well as quality in phase with current technology trends. This incorporation is really an added benefit and plays the most significant role in student’s career. Compared to AutoCAD, Optitex 3D holds more options in dealing with animation and 3D among the competitors. In these manners, NIFT is driving fashion in phase with technology and adding value to students’ life by meeting huge cultural shift in fashion design.

NIFT stays up to date by upgrading its technology models that lets improvement in meeting industry demand. This will benefits the students, as soon as they start professional life. Due to this, with a short span of time, it has recognized as the fastest growing Institute of Fashion Technology across the globe.

To take admission in such a reputed institute is not an easy game, one need to join the best NIFT institute in Delhi that provides coaching for its entrance test so as to pursue one’s dream career.

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