Health and safety training isn’t as expensive as you think


Health and safety training is extremely important, but the cost can often put people off. Whether you’re an individual or a business, there are options available to you. Choose a provider who offers the NEBOSH diploma with the payment methods and support to suit you.

Health and safety is important for all businesses, but key professionals need a tailored training package, such as the NEBOSH diploma. However, for some participants of the NEBOSH diploma cost might be an issue. If you do your research, there are providers who offer various methods of payment, including paying for individual units and payment plans.

Find the right provider
If you’re looking for a provider of the NEBOSH diploma cost is just one aspect. It’s also important to find a course that meets your needs and will offer a quality setting. This includes the provision of the course and the associated materials, as well as providing the right advice and support network. Without all these, it doesn’t matter how much the course costs; you won’t be as likely to succeed. Research what each provider can offer. For example, does the fee include access to revision workshops? These can be particularly critical for online based courses, where they provide help with exam techniques and face to face support. The option of a guaranteed pass will also make it more cost effective, as the provider will allow you to continue studying until you gain a pass.

Experienced tutors
There are a variety of different training providers, such as Phoenix Health and Safety and one of the areas of differentiation is the experience of their tutors. Health and safety is a practical area, so it’s important that those who are providing the learning and support have firsthand experience of putting the training into action. When you’re choosing a course, pay attention to what the tutors can offer. Are they experts in their field, examiners or previous students? Do they work with health and safety regulations on a daily basis? This will mean they can offer a much greater level of knowledge and assistance.

Course materials
As well as the level of support provided by the training company, the quality of the materials they supply is also crucial. You need to look for a company who can tailor the materials, within reason, to suit the individual and their preferred method of learning. This could be through online access, books, telephone support or social networking, but it shouldn’t be a rigid format.

What can the diploma offer?
Before embarking on the NEBOSH diploma, you need to make sure that it’s suitable for your requirements. The diploma is split into four units and covers:
–       Managing health and safety
–       Hazardous agents in the workplace
–       Workplace and work equipment safety
–       A practical assignment, where you’ll conduct a full health and safety review

Payment options
These differ according to the provider, but can include:
–       A one off payment for the full course
–       Payment for separate units as you take them
–       Payment plans for those funding their own training

Once you’ve chosen a course and the method of payment, the hard work really begins. However, once you’ve got a NEBOSH diploma, you’ll have the qualifications to further your health and safety career.

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