Grammar & Punctuation Tips for Writers


Whether you are writing a long essay or maybe thinking of publishing an eBook, you should be very well acquainted with the most important grammar, punctuation and style rules. Many essay writers online who are professionals in the fieldadvise that you should always double check your writing, and let it rest for at least 24 hour before handing it in. This will allow you to read your essay or research paper with a new set of eyes, and you will spot quickly any mistakes. Let’s check out more useful tips

Commas are important

Commas placed strategically throughout the sentence, will help you delimitate your text smartly. The commas also help people read much more easily a text and comprehend it quicker. Without commas your text is not flowing logically, and you will tend to fall into the trap of run on sentences. In order to decide where you should place the commas, read your text out loud. By reading it, you will ‘feel’ where there is a need to place a comma in a natural manner. Whenever you are drawing a breath during the reading of a sentence, you should place a comma there.

Double check abbreviations

If you are not sure whether you should use CEO or CDO for example, check out the meaning. These are two completely different abbreviations with different meanings. There are plenty of abbreviations guidelines available online for free and you should check them in order to place your abbreviations correctly within the text.

Using essay writing services

In case you are overwhelmed by all these complex grammar and punctuation rules, you may need help. Hire the services of a highly skilled team of proofreaders and essay writers rated on to check your text. They will go carefully through your paper and make all the necessary changes in order to make it sound professional. Look up a reliable and trustworthy essay writing service, and then browse through the solutions they offer. You can get separate writing services, editing only, proofreading, and many other. Chose the services that you need and enjoy a brilliantly written paper.

Reading reviews on essay writing services is also extremely important. Only by reading honest opinions about a company, will you be able to hire the services of the best experts.

Not “that”, but “who”

Many writers make the mistake of referring to a person in context by “that”. For example, it is not correct to say “The first woman that stood up”, but instead write “The first woman who stood up”. In content, people are ‘objectified” if you refer to them by “that”. Pay attention to your text, and make the necessary corrections if you already wrote using ‘that’ instead of who or whom.

Don’t mix underlines with italics

When you put a word in italics do not underline it. In editing terms, when the editor underlies a word in italics, it means he wishes to remove the italics from the word. It’s something like using a double-double negative, so stay away from it. Highlight some words either by underlining them, or by putting them in italics, but never use both.

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