Engineering Apprenticeships for Girls – Turning Gender Tables the Other Way


What happens when a girl enters a domain dominated mainly by men? If your prompt answer to this question is that she fails miserably, then it’s time for you to get your thinking refreshed. Although it is a general notion that sectors where men have ruled over years, the chances of women showing excellence are very less. In reality, a slow transition is being noticed where girls are also trying new avenues of work and experimenting to work in male dominated fields; not to forget with success as well. The same is the case with engineering as well.

Engineering Apprenticeships for girls

Essentially considered a subject matter for boys, engineering has seen a huge difference with girls taking active participation in the study of this subject. Though it might come as a surprise, girls are not only doing fairly well in engineering, but also outperforming boys in certain specific sub-categories. For this, many organisations are providing apprenticeships for girls in engineering. Today, there is a huge demand noticed for female engineers in various companies in the UK, who are taking up apprentices to strike a balance in the numbers of male and female employees in the workplace. This is a great way to learn and get trained at the same time.

Apprenticeships don’t necessarily require a degree to apply. So, this can be very well attended along with the studies. What can be better for students? After all, they not only get the chance to learn the subject in details theoretically, but get practical firsthand experience as well. This makes them more competent to work in future companies. Thus, it is a great opportunity for every student who has taken up engineering as their chosen subject matter for studies.

It is quite obvious that an education in engineering will ensure that many doors get opened for the students, who would be flooded with various opportunities. The various sub-categories that come under engineering, where they can work include civil engineering, electrical engineering, motorcycle maintenance, renewable energy and many more. So, whether one aspires to be a Food Technologist or an Automotive Engineer or a Structural Engineer, one can work towards achieving this by studying engineering. In the recent years, throughout the UK, Schools and Universities are putting in a lot of effort to encourage girls to study engineering and increase the number that take up this curriculum as their profession.

All across the Europe, very few female are working as engineers. This is more due to the idea that if they try to step into this domain, they would have to face a lot of obstacles from the opposite gender. However, this is far from the truth. As it can be found in every profession, there are some people who create barriers rather than bridging them. Same applies for engineering as well, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all are like that. It has been noticed that many male employees are welcoming girls into their territory and providing assistance and cooperation to work together.

To bring parity into workplaces, many companies are reaching out to female applicants in schools and offering them apprenticeships. Thus, they are encouraging them to work in their choice of domain. To recognise the contribution of female engineers, there is IET’s Young Woman of the Year Award. This is given to appreciate the efforts of female engineers under the age of 30 years. Moreover, non profit organisations such as Society of Women Engineers are also known to provide chances to women engineers to prove their skills in the engineering industry.

So, today the gender tables are being turned the other way to ensure that female engineers get equal opportunity to prove their mettle in this industry, for which engineering apprenticeships for girls are being extensively offered by various companies.

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